Insulated Box Body with lift

    Basic design

    • The Floby box body is available for most chassis models and is designed to be light and strong with a rust cover adapted to the Nordic climate.
    • The box body comes in several equipment options such as side door, side streamers and various types of lashing rings and lashing tracks etc.

    Light, strong and anti-corrosive

    • The base of the box body is made of hot-dip galvanized high-strength steel for maximum load capacity and strength.
    • The bottom of the box body is 60 mm thick with insulating core and non-slip floor surface in gray color which makes it suitable for temperate transport.
    • The box bodies aluminum profiles have a unique design with white lacquered that contributes to increased load capacity and reduced air resistance.
    • Top mounted rear hatch over lifting platform with aluminum profiles in natural anodized design.
    • 30 mm insulating wall material of Hi-Impact sandwich which is glued in aluminum profiles for maximum strength and tightness against water penetration.
    • The wall material is well suited for foiling with company profiling.
    • By selecting a material of hot-dip galvanized steel profiles and white lacquered aluminum profiles the box body is adapted to rust protection for the Nordic winter climate with salted roads.


    • The slightly curved roof structure gives better surface water runoff and prevents icing during the winter. The curved roof also provides reduced air resistance.
    • Installing 200 mm high protection plates on wall sides minimizes damage to the box body when handling goods.
    • Installing lashing tracks 900mm from the floor on the side walls provides safe goods handling.
    • Integrated brake- and width indication lights in the roof profile adds to traffic safety.

    User- and service friendly

    • The design of the box body provides maximum loading height when tail-lift is open.
    • Distance to tail-gate bridge minimizes outwear on the rear sealing strip.


    • The recyclable material contributes, together with the aerodynamic design and the low self-weight, to a minimal impact of the environment.